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October 2018
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10 Day Juicing “Re-Boot”

photo 110 Days. Nothing but fresh juice. No solid food. No alcohol. No caffeine. (ok a cup of black coffee every other day, sorry Joe)… Sound fun?

Let me back up a step or two. There I was a couple weeks ago trying to find something good to watch on NETFLIX, when I stumbled across this documentary   “Fat, sick, and nearly dead”.   Basically, this bloke, Joe Cross from Australia, came to the US for a 60 day “juice-fast”.  Like so many of us, years of work and play had left Joe feeling,  bad, lethargic, and over-weight. His solution was to travel across America for 60 days, interviewing folks and drinking nothing but fresh juice. Green juice. I have to admit, I was  intrigued right away. Joe has a charisma about him which makes the viewer feel appreciated. In short, he seemed legit.

I won’t be-labor you with all the details, but by drinking juice for 60 days, Joe lost almost 100 lbs, got off his powerful medications, and increased his focus at work. During the film he encouraged folks to try a 10 day juicing “re-boot”, so I figured to give it a try.

The next day I headed to the grocer and picked up an array of fruits and veggies, thus beginning my own 10 day “re-boot”. The first day was fun. It was still a novelty at this point I guess. I slurped down carrot-apple-ginger  in the morning, some kale-cucumber-apple for lunch, and an “earthy” beet-kale-collard concoction for dinner. They all were pretty tasty I must admit. This thing was going to be a piece of cake.

The next morning I woke up angry, depressed, achy, and did not want to get out of bed. In fairness, Joe had warned us about this. Basically, the body says “What is this green stuff? I want pizza!”.  Maybe this 10 day thing wasn’t going to be as much fun as I imagined. I kept going though, juicing 3 times a day…. For 10 days.

Well, today is the 11th day and I am looking forward to going to lunch with a fellow piano playing buddy. (The amazing SKIP BROWNER). I feel great. I am focussed. I’ve dropped 20 lbs. Most importantly, I am excited to “ramp up” to another level in life. This process made me aware of how costly a sedentary desk job can become. I wasn’t depressed “per-se”. Not on any meds. I really only took on the re-boot “for no particular reason” (as Forest would say).

Like many, my life has become busy busy busy. I have a gig tomorrow night at The Commodore in Nashville, I have a demanding job, I’m taking a class, and am coaching my kiddo’s  baseball team. (Go Cards!).  Sometimes we (especially parents), put our own health aside for the sake of our family and careers. If you are looking for a good way to change your ethos, repair your body, and jump-start to a healthier life …. I might recommend a 10 day “re-boot”… happy juicing.  – JH


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