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October 2018
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The Power of PINK !


If you watched any sports during October, then you certainly saw many of the professional athletes adorning themselves in all varied combinations of pink attire.  As difficult as it can be for some us to cope with, there is no such thing as TOO MUCH awareness. There can be no such thing as TOO MUCH ATTENTION to the message of AWARENESS.  Ok, so maybe the pink penalty flags during one NFL match-up might have been a little overboard.  Keep penalties YELLOW, I believe… Anyway, I digress.

A few weeks ago, I was on my way to the Dentist.  As we are pretty new to Tennessee,  this was my first visit to Chamberlain D.D.S  in Goodlettsville. I was a little nervous as it had been way too long since last visiting Dr. Michael Jones in Dallas. Allow me to get all shameless plugging finished, first, (pleez) . I went to Dr. Jones for the better part of my life. He is a family friend and he and his associates are amazingly great… (still plugging) I know he would be thankful that my wife found Dr. Terry L. Chamberlain and his crew. Quite fantastically fabulous!!! THANK YOU… OK, so the plugging is done.

It was the 23rd of October, a Wednesday if I recall…Ok, so I saved the appointment card and am looking at it now..(busted). I was driving to the appointment and “for no particular reason”, was thinking of my MOM. As many of you know, she lost a hard fought battle with “The Disease” in 2000. Although I think about her daily, I can usually get through a moment without choking up. On this day, though, I looked at one of those signs in front of a church… You know the ones which have a different message each week. “The Bible is to be trusted, not dusted” etc. etc. etc.  Now, I can’t tell you for the life of me what the sign said, but it was as if my Mom was speaking to me directly… Maybe it was God… I dunno… I didn’t actually hear voices… The point being, I was feeling … feelings… just remembering her… Then, I started to break down. After a decade plus, I’m pretty good at fighting it off, but not on this day. Maybe it was too much football… A month of PINK this, pink that.

I arrived to the Dentist. Gathered myself in the parking lot, signed in…Waited for about 2 seconds and they led me back to one of the rooms. As I sat in “the chair of doom”, I looked up and noticed a piece of notebook paper displayed to my right. (see picture above).  It had written the popular Bible verse, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”… And to the left, a note from Maggie, “Keep using this like you did through breast Cancer. Love you Mommy”… Well my again, my blood-shot eyes began to shed tears… Just they are now… “C’mon Hannum, Get ahold of yourself”, I thought then. (and now).  … Hence, when the quite lovely Mary Lynn walked in the room… I looked as if I’d just watched “Pay it Forward” immediately followed by “Marley and Me.”

Politely and Respectfully I inquired about the notebook paper and its message. Mary Lynn willingly told be about her brave battle with stage 3 breast cancer. She informed me that although not completely out of the woods, her last several visits (every 3 months I think) had been Cancer Free.  She told me how it had been so tough, yet her employer had been so supportive… Her friends and family so supportive… And how her son couldn’t talk about it even still. (I feel ya). A success story. Call it God or modern medicine… Whatever your beliefs, I am great-full to have met Mary Lynn and hear her story. Oh yeah, she cleans a mighty fine tooth to boot.  I asked her permission before including her in this post for those of you wondering.  NOTE TO MARY LYNN: Thank you for being you. You inspire me. I am grateful.

Folks, October is over. The silly season of the Holiday’s are upon us. I think Sports are focussing on Veterans now. God Bless our Troops!… But let us still remember the power of pink. Ladies, MOMS, Wives, Girlfriends, Daughters… We love you . Please get checked, and get checked often.  I’m told it is a terribly uncomfortable process.  Ladies, you take care of us so perfectly, yet time and time again put yourselves second.  Please get your check ups. Lets fight the disease together. Mary Lynn, God Bless you. I’d like to believe that my MOM would be happy I met you. Keep fighting. PINK POWER! – JH



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